Martin Pyne


In terms of percussion improvisation, try to imagine something that runs from the Zen sound-painting of Frank Perry to the light swing of Billy Higgins. There’s nothing loud, nothing showy, nothing esoteric. Just a delight in the deft touch of a stick, a mallet, a finger or a wire brush on metal, skin or wood, and in the process of transforming sound into a sense of movement.” 

Richard Williams – The Blue Moment

I am a composer and improviser. My primary instruments are vibraphone, drums, and other percussion. My work encompasses a broad range, from what might loosely be called from free improvisation , to relatively straight-ahead song-based structures. In everything I do I strive to use an honest, individual musical voice.

I perform solo sets, I lead bands, and I collaborate with a range of musicians and other artists.

A great deal of my time is spent working with contemporary dance, and I also work regularly as a Silent Film Accompanist.

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