Martin performs and records as a solo artist on both vibraphone and other percussion, sometimes making use of electronics. A brand new solo album, “Spirits Of Absent Dancers” will be released on Discus Music in Autumn 2020, and “Behind The Mist”, a set of solo vibraphone pieces was released in 2017. See the albums page for details.

Martin Pyne Quartet

This is a vehicle for my more straight ahead jazz tunes. The band features Marianne Windham on double bass, guitarist Russell Jarrett, and Philippe Guyard on saxophones. We released an album, “Rickety Racket”, on Bandcamp in Spring 2020. Find the link to listen on the Albums page.

… the feel-good, mischief and effortless musicianship of Rickety Racket is, quite simply, blissful. A.P.Reviews


MPH is an improvising trio featuring pianist/organist Alex Maguire, guitarist Mark Hewins, and Martin playing vibes and drums. The band released a very well received album on Discus Music in autumn 2019. Find it on the Albums page

Under the deceptive guise of easily absorbed melodies and rhythms, this is gently and subversively experimental. A Jazz Noise

Song writing with Laura Zakian

I have an ongoing songwriting collaboration with jazz singer Laura Zakian. The first fruits of this can be heard on Laura’s 2019 EP “Minor Moments” which features Steve Lodder, Paul Bartholomew, Nic France and Simon Thorpe. Find a link to the EP on the Albums page

The artistic alliance of Zakian and Pyne intrigues as to what else they may create together, as there is evident empathy in such poignant, meaningful songwriting delivered with gently uplifting grace. London Jazz News


I spend probably the greatest part of my professional life working with contemporary dance. The dance world feels very much like my artistic home. Over the years choreographers I have collaborated with include Zamira Kate Mummery, Mikaela Polley, S Ama Wray, and Mark Baldwin.

Silent film

I work regularly playing live accompaniment for silent films, most often in collaboration with leading Silent Film musician Stephen Horne. We have performed together across Europe, Scandinavia, and the USA at major venues creating new scores for a huge range of films including Fragment Of An Empire, Chicago, Variety, and Metropolis.

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