Spirits Of Absent Dancers

A brand new solo album, recorded during the 2020 lockdown, and a direct response to not being in studios with dancers, the place where normally I spend most of my professional time. I found myself imagining a lone musician in a deserted theatre, like a kind of medicine man, throwing sounds into the space in an attempt to conjure up the ghosts of dancers no longer present, to breathe movement into stillness. I set about creating a sequence of music based around this idea, and ended up with this set of nineteen largely improvised short pieces played on vibraphone, drums, percussion, and toy piano. This is one of the most personal projects I have ever done. Check out the NEWS page for more about this, and click here to listen and buy. This is out now on Discus Music. Discus CD98.

In terms of percussion improvisation, try to imagine something that runs from the Zen sound-painting of Frank Perry to the light swing of Billy Higgins. There’s nothing loud, nothing showy, nothing esoteric. Just a delight in the deft touch of a stick, a mallet, a finger or a wire brush on metal, skin or wood, and in the process of transforming sound into a sense of movement.”

Richard Williams – The Blue Moment

Spirits Of Absent Dancers is a selection of pieces that are in a way melancholic, but aim far higher than that, twisting sound and texture to fit the sort of whirling physical shapes that the spectral dancers of the musician’s imagination may have conjured. Unusual in a way, but so atmospheric and evocative that it works perfectly.

Freq magazine

Rickety Racket – Martin Pyne Quartet

This album, released Spring 2020, features a selection of my more straight ahead jazz compositions, played by a quartet featuring Philippe Guyard on saxophones, guitarist Russell Jarrett, Marianne Windham on double bass, and myself playing drums. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

seven original compositions for contemporary jazz quartet that are superbly written and arranged. Jazz Views

the feel-good, mischief and effortless musicianship of Rickety Racket is, quite simply, blissful AP Reviews


MPH is an improvising trio featuring Alex Maguire on piano and Hammond, Martin Pyne on vibes, percussion and electronics, and Mark Hewins on guitars and electronics. This album was released in Autumn 2019. The music draws from a huge range of genres to create bewitching and astonishingly original sound pictures, shot through with vitality, tenderness and humour. Taxonomies is the trio’s debut album, taking inspiration from a quirky perspective on the natural world. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

Under the deceptive guise of easily absorbed melodies and rhythms, this is gently and subversively experimental. Subversive and submersive, this album lurks beneath a deceptively placid surface. A Jazz Noise

BEHIND THE MIST – Martin Pyne, solo vibraphone

This is an album of music inspired by the strange, mysterious, and sometimes dark and disturbing tales of faeries from around the British Isles. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

Limpid, often sparse, esoterically playful, and appropriately capricious, he conjures a pre-modern faeryland, beautiful and alien, in which faeries are tricksters, more likely to steal your child or the colour of your eyes rather than grant your Disney wishes. A Jazz Noise 

HAUNTED CARBONEK Compositions for solo piano played by Sarah Walker

This album features a selection of the pieces I have written over many years, for pianist Sarah Walker. Five of the pieces come from a series of piano works called “Abstracts”. These reflect a fascination with sculpture, in particular the work of Barbara Hepworth.  
The other three pieces here, placed at the beginning, middle and end of the sequence, are far from abstract. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

MINOR MOMENTS – Laura Zakian

This EP under Laura’s name features the first fruits of our songwriting collaboration – my music, Laura’s lyrics. The music is performed by Laura with her wonderful band featuring pianist Steve Lodder, Nic France on drums, bassist Simon Thorpe, and Paul Bartholomew on baritone sax. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

a powerful set of all original material … an enthralling writing partnership that bodes well for future collaborations. Jazz Views

poignant, meaningful songwriting delivered with gently uplifting grace. London Jazz News

WINTER LANDSCAPE – Stephen Grew/Martin Pyne duo

This album consists of a sequence of improvisations for vibraphone and piano recorded on a bitterly cold day in Lancaster in the north west of England. It has been beautifully mixed and mastered by Alex Bonney  (Click on the image to listen and buy)

A vibrant, crystalline dance from start to finish by two clearly inspired musicians whose instruments merge in joint song with deceptive ease, effortlessly evoking the British winter. However, not just for icy days. A Jazz Noise


Busnoys is a trio led from the vibes playing a range of my compositions. I’m joined in this band by bass guitarist Jeff Spencer and drummer Trevor Davies. The band has recorded three albums (click on the images above). San Angelo featured Jim Barr on bass, and on the following records, By Tapering Torchlight, and Weaving The Spell, there are guest appearances from trumpeter Pete Judge, and violinist/singer Gina Griffin. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

This album is a little triumph. A glowing, sometimes austere, occasionally dark beauty emerges as the set unfolds.  London Jazz News

A quirky little gem of an album Jazzyblogman


Dangerous Kitchen is an improvising trio featuring percussionist/multi instrumentalist Simon Allen, the legendary UK Saxophonist Stan Sulzmann alongside Martin Pyne on drums and percussion. The band gigged and broadcast in the Uk extensively in the 1990s and early 2000s. (Click on the image to listen and buy)

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